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May-hem a posted Jul 18, 12
Welcome to APEX's Guild Website
We are an Empire Guild originally from the Namadii Corridor Server where we held server first records for first SM clear of EV and KP, first clear of HM EV and KP, and server first Nightmare clears (Including the Titles) of EV and KP, and first kills of every World Boss ranging from The First on Dromund Kaas to The Primal Destroyer. Right before the Server Mergers, our progression raid team fell apart and we moved to The Harbinger with 4 active raiders. We have rebuilt with all current content on farm mode, we hold the server record for first 16 man clear of TfB as well as the server fastest Title Run from NiM EC, and after after a slow start to 2.0 We are still a top 10 guild; 6th Imperial Side. We were also the 7th guild world wide to kill the 10-Stack Dreadtooth followed by the Dreadful Entity, or TFB secret boss.  We look forward to seeing everyone in game and can't wait for NiM TfB.


Atriss a  created a new thread Return of Revan (or what ever its called) in the General Discussion forum
Lira-Vitrear aJust in case anyone sees this. Our PTS guild:)
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Revellium   God dammit I fucking hate/love/miss all of you
Lira-Vitrear a  Love you too Sil
Atriss aChecked the website this morning for the first time in forever (internet for a few more weeks) but i told the SWTOR forums guy to mark <APEX> inactive for further progression
Dreselus   While I was inactive Imp side for the past few months, the time before that was golden. Thanks Mayhem for the ginv, thanks Gort for the great tanking discussions, thanks Ael and all in raid 2 for the blast we had and the general lack of drama, sorry everyone I never got to know, sorry Kitty for not saying hello sometimes and thanks Atriss for being Atriss. If I ever start doing something with my Imps apart from leveling I will try and find you guys, wherever you may be, if you'll still have me.
Taii   u guys know me u can all fight and bitch ill just be havin a drink to all the memorys ive had with all the ppl and u cant take that away from me so cheers every1
except 4 ael
ael can suck it :p
Aelrikom   Thanks Derpy, was a pleasure raiding with you guys.

Love you too Taii.
MissieIt's unrelated to any of the drama or departures that's happened with the guild, but I've left as well. It's just unfortunate timing that it should happen while everyone else is leaving too. Since I've always been more of a PVPer, I've left for a more PVP-oriented guild that's been trying to get me to join them since before the server mergers way back in the day. If anyone needs an extra dps for a sm op or fp or something, feel freet to hit me as I have no beef with anyone. Good luck everyone!
Spamfritter   I was always shocked that you were in APEX rather than a more PvP oriented guild in the first place. :p
Aelrikom   ^ Sorry to see you go.
May-hemAnyone use our site anymore? Does anyone need anything done on the site? What raid teams are still active?
Aelrikom   If anyone wants to just do a HM farm group I'd be down. Just to gear my alts up.
Atriss a  Always welcome in <LE> with us. Shoot Spam or Lira a message in game
Spamfritter   Indeed.
Kittyo.O guess I missed some "fun" stuff... attempted to shout but I can't. xD
SpamfritterYep. That's what he did.
AelrikomPretty sure you removed everyone's shout access Sil.
Taii   uploaded an image to Comfortable Moments
Atriss aFantastic new Parser
Introducing Parsec - a new raid aware real time combat log p...
This page is not meant to keep you from following the link you've clicked on. It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. To go to this page, click the link belo...
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Aelrikom   Saw that on reddit. Is it any good?
Atriss a  It's the simplicity of MoX with the style of Torparse and a while bunch of other goodies thrown in. Really good
Lira-Vitrear a
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Lira-Vitrear a  supposed to be a video hold on.... [link]
AelrikomAll of you should go here [link] and spend the $5 to charity and get all these games.
The Humble Origin Bundle (pay what you want and help charity...
Pay $1 or more to get Dead Space 3, Dead Space, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Medal of Honor, and Mirror's Edge -- all while supporting vital charit...
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Atriss a  A very well spent 5 bucks
Atriss a[link]
Great look at new gear
Photo Album - Imgur
Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.
May-hem   Isn't that the same as the Thul gear that's already been released?
RevelliumRemember raid 1 we are going Sunday Monday not tonight
Kitty   Anyone else available tomorrow at 4:30 pacific?
May-hem   I will not be available, sorry.
Crazybounty a  I will not be either.
Developer Update: Warzone Arenas
Hello PvPers! I'm Alex Modny, Assistant Designer for the Combat and PvP team and I'm here to spill all the (Luke) warm and smelly Tauntaun guts about Warzone Arenas releasing in Ga...
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Taii   Nerdgasaming so much right now :d
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